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Facial Fillers

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As you age, the shape of your face changes. Your skin becomes loose and wrinkled, your cheeks become sunken, and your lips get thinner. Facial fillers offered by Oluyemi Workman, DDS, and the team at Smile Studio of Buford in Buford, Georgia, can restore the fullness to your face that it lost over time, making you look younger without appearing frozen or overdone. To find out how facial fillers can reverse your most prominent signs of aging, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Facial Fillers Q&A

Facial Fillers


What are facial fillers?

Botox® and fillers are cosmetic injectables used to treat skin-related imperfections like crow’s feet, forehead lines, and thin lips. Many people use the terms interchangeably, but they’re actually two separate things.





Botox is an injectable neuromodulator developed by Allergan. It’s used to treat dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are those that occur due to repeated facial expressions like frowning. Once Botox enters your body, it stops nerve signals from reaching the muscles in your face. Over time, your muscles relax, helping your skin appear young and wrinkle-free.

Botox can also be used to treat TMJ disorder. 




Fillers are cosmetic injectables used to address lost facial volume. As you get older, your skin produces less elastin and collagen — proteins responsible for plumping your cheeks and lips. Aside from making your cheeks and lips appear younger, dermal fillers provide a quick and convenient way to minimize the appearance of smile lines and wrinkles around your nose.

Can I benefit from facial fillers?

Anyone who wants to achieve a more youthful, wrinkle-free complexion can benefit from facial fillers. The type of cosmetic injectable treatment that will most benefit you depends on your health history, goals for treatment, and skin condition. 

What happens during a Botox and fillers appointment?

A Botox and fillers appointment begins with the team asking a series of questions about your goals for treatment and what you do and don’t like about your skin. 

Then your provider assesses your facial features, looking for the presence of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and lost facial volume. 

After gathering the necessary information, your Buford Smile Studio provider develops a custom care plan. Your provider walks you through the process and administers the first series of injections in-office. 

To ensure your comfort, your provider applies a topical anesthetic to your skin. Facial fillers appointments typically take less than an hour. 

Are the results of facial fillers permanent?

The results of Botox and facial fillers aren’t permanent, but they do last a significant time.

Botox injections typically provide results for 4-6 months, while dermal fillers can provide results for up to a year, sometimes even longer. 

You’ll know it’s time to schedule a follow-up appointment at Buford Smile Studio when wrinkles and fine lines begin reappearing on your face.

To learn more about the benefits of facial fillers, request a consultation at Buford Smile Studio. Call the office to schedule an appointment or request one online today.