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Tooth Extraction

Smile Studio of Buford

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When you need a tooth pulled, choosing the right dentist can make all the difference. At Smile Studio of Buford, Oluyemi Workman, DDS, and the team ensure you’re comfortable before and during your extraction and work with you throughout the healing process. For this kind of dedicated care before, during, and after your tooth extraction, call the office in Buford, Georgia, or request an appointment online today.

Tooth Extraction Q&A

Tooth Extraction

What is tooth extraction?

Dentists refer to the process of pulling a tooth as tooth extraction. In fact, the phrasing “pulling a tooth” is misleading because it implies that your dentist uses force to essentially yank the tooth out of your mouth. That’s far from the reality of a tooth extraction. 

Before your extraction, your provider tests the area to identify the positioning of your nerves. Then, they carefully map your tooth extraction to ensure maximal comfort during the procedure and minimal complications afterward. 

Why would I need a tooth extraction?

Smile Studio of Buford offers two types of tooth extractions to patients:

Extractions as a result of damage or decay

If you have a tooth that was severely damaged during an accident or that has experienced a significant amount of decay, removing it from your mouth might be your best option. 

If you have a damaged tooth or tooth pain, talk to the team at Smile Studio of Buford. They can help you decide if an extraction is the best option to stop your mouth pain and protect your overall oral health. If it is, they offer several replacement tooth options — including three types of bridges and dental implants — so you can still enjoy a full smile. 

Wisdom tooth extractions

People are born with a third set of molars called wisdom teeth. These molars remain under the gum line until adolescence and usually don’t make an appearance until ages 17–21. 

Most mouths don’t have space to accommodate these additional molars, though. This often leads to problems like teeth crowding if the molars have the opportunity to grow in or tooth impaction, which is the tooth’s inability to break through the gums. 

To save people from those issues, Smile Studio of Buford offers wisdom tooth extraction. 

Will my tooth extraction hurt?

No. In fact, the team at Smile Studio of Buford works hard to ensure the entire extraction process is as comfortable as possible. With local anesthetic, the team thoroughly numbs the area before extraction. The most you should feel is some pressure in your mouth as they maneuver the tooth from its socket. 

You might experience some discomfort afterward, but the Smile Studio of Buford team offers medication and home care tips to help moderate it. They also work with you in the weeks after your extraction as your gums heal to minimize your risk of complications like dry socket.

Schedule your tooth extraction with a knowledgeable, caring team by calling Smile Studio of Buford or booking one online today.